Good Bye

I still remember

That we used be together

through a time

of bad and better


Like a family

with rich and diverse personality

yet we are coherent

in all situation

in all sort of environment


Wish to be with you

till the end

but God has a better plan

We have to say good bye

Oh! please don’t cry

we will still be friends


So, please forgive me

for any wrong doing

as I’m just a weak human being

and please remember

me in your prayer






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My Mother

This is a story

of my mommy

who doesn’t surrender

to fight a cancer


1st chemoteraphy

she took it easy

tough she was weak

she posses a high spirit

she cook and clean

do the laundry and some planting

as well nursing

her husband who is ailing


2nd chemoteraphy

she said was a bit painful

3 days she was down

till her hair are all gone

but when she regained

her energy

she does all the chores



Sometime when she’s in pain

She would hide and cry

wish I have the power

to make her stronger

or make the cancer dissapear


3rd chemoteraphy

was just recently

this time was a bit heavy

first it was a fever

that attacked her

then there’s a pain

on her leg

which she can’t stand straight

and walk with a help of stick


I massage her leg

and pray she’ll be better

can’t help myself crying

as the leg that i’m massaging

used to stand hours

preparing meal for us

and bathing us


Oh Allah, please help her to endure

she has 3 more sessions of chemo

and hopefully she’ll be cured.

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Baby I’m Sorry


I’m sorry

But mommy is busy

To keep u company



Pray Pray Pray

5 times a day

Though mommy is away

To remind you to obey



Please study

Though mommy

Is not there to see

Or guide you lovingly



Please be kind

To whoever you find

Later you’ll understand



Be strong

If something went wrong

You may have no clue

But it’ll mature you



I love you

And I always do

Sometimes I’m mad at you

It’s because I care about you


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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

Please have mercy

For us the working mommies


We are not super

But expected to be hyper

For us to perform

In the office & at home


In addition

Our child demands supervision

And attention

As love is

A powerful nutrition

For them to grow without distortion

To achieve their ambition

And give back to the Nation



Some of us have maids

But the issues are myriad



To Whom It May Concern

Give us the working mommies

Some flexibilities

The 8 hours working

Is really challenging

Plus we need

A skill of juggling



To Whom It May Concern

Help us the working mommies

Please reduce

The working hours

This will infuse

Our energy to produce

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I’m not sure

For how long

Can I be here

Can’t stay any longer

With the amount of pressure


I need to find

Job that makes me smile

Need not to dress in style

Or earn gazillion high


Where I can monitor

My kids grow

And do household chores


After all

I should strive

The reward in after life


Oh Allah!

Give me the strength

Show me the light

For me to end this plight

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Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal
is a peripheral
for management to
and rate
the subordinate
on the effort they’ve made

it looks and sound lovely
but unfortunately
the process
is a whole mess
with a lot of stress

Staff is to state
All actions they’ve made
which later’ll tabulate
special committee to deliberate

The session is slow
runs like a reality show
sometimes there a row
only to find the one who glows


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is necessary
for sustainability
or to move your hierarchy
in the company

is important
though you are competent
that does not guarantee
you’ll be rank highly

is the excuse
and it does amuse
those who produced

oh how can I be
Should I act busy
or be funny?
involve in politics
or use dirty tactics?
or unhook my bra
and say ‘u la la”?

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